Players are free to arrange their accommodation on their own. Pafos is a popular tourist destination in Cyprus and there are numerous accommodation options. Pafos Chess Club has received several hotel offers for the chess players which can be found here: Hotel Offers – Pafos Chess Club.



For your transportation from Pafos International Airport to Pafos center or Kato Pafos please see

For your transportation from Larnaka International Airport to Paphos please see

For your transportation within Pafos town and suburbs please see the following bus routes


Cyprus cuisine:

The Cypriot cuisine is very similar to the Greek cuisine. The traditional Cypriot cuisine is rich in nutrients, based on fresh and natural ingredients. Cypriot dishes are considered to be very healthy and are based on the Mediterranean diet, usually cooked with olive oil. The main ingredients used in the Cypriot cuisine are pork, lamb, chicken, vegetables, wild greens, yogurt, cheese including halloumi cheese, herbs and fruit. Cyprus has always been well known for its citrus fruit, oranges, mandarins, apples, pears, watermelons, melons, grapes and figs.



The currency used in Cyprus is the Euro (€).


Power Sockets:

The Power Sockets in Cyprus are of type G (British type). Voltage is 240V.

Power plug & socket type G. (