Pafos Chess Club was founded in Pafos on December 8th, 1983, aiming to spread and promote chess within the local community, and to provide its members the opportunity to participate in chess activities.


Ever since, Pafos Chess Club, organized numerous local and national tournaments with the presence of Chess Players from Cyprus and abroad. It is worth mentioning, that worldwide Grand Masters and top players have been accommodated in the Club’s simultaneous exhibitions, lectures, and tournaments from time to time.


In 2009, members of the Club obtained FIDE instructor titles and initiated a cooperation with schools in Pafos. As a result, hundreds of children had the opportunity to become more familiar with chess, to participate in national student competitions and represent Cyprus in international youth chess championships. Members of the Club have also been part of Cyprus National Team in international competitions.


In 2015, Pafos Chess Club received the Certificate of Sports Recognition from the Cyprus Sports Organization and was officially registered as a “Sports Club” by the Cyprus Sports Organization.

In 2019, the Pafos Chess Club team won the official Chess Team Championship of Cyprus Chess Federation.


Pafos Chess Club is represented by a member in the Cyprus Chess Federation Committee.


Pafos Chess Club is devoted to its initial main goals, with the ambition to gain the interest of more players, especially of younger age, and to organize high-level chess tournaments attracting the elite of players worldwide.


You can usually find members of Pafos Chess Club at La Place Royale Cafe, next to Dionysos Central hotel in Kato Pafos, during afternoon hours.


Expanding on the success of the 1st Pafos International Open Chess Tournament, Paphos Chess Club hopes that the tournament will become established.